Resident Objects Design Contest

Resident Objects is an instagram based shop that sells kitschy vintage home goods. The success of their branding is based on the strength of their photography, often creating a fuzzy or dreamy effect that pulls you in! Starting at the beginning of the month, they ran a contest to find key art that would be printed on a thank-you card for their customers. The art had to be of an object they sell or sold; Other than that there were no other constraints.

I browsed through their instagram account to see what items or objects felt unique to the brand. For me it was the swan- it wasn't the same object, (I saw everything from swan-shaped perfume bottles to lamps) but it was often the same iconic silhouette. My illustration ended up being based off a photo of a pink swan dish. To evoke the dreamy quality I get from Resident Objects, I used a grainy texture with psychedelic gradients, and a groovy typeface that relates to their current logo.