Eso Terra

Eso Terra is a restaurant brand derived entirely of my own invention; Its identity stems from a fusion of French and Moroccan cuisine, with Arabian and moorish aesthetic sensibilities. The tenets of this eatery lay heavily on its service, feel-good food, and unique atmosphere. (Eso Terra as in yes, esoteric; Terra as in earth, a positive association to have when marketing wholesome and organic food.) To get inspired with the whole "vibe" of Eso Terra, I listened to a bunch of Arabic music I grew up with as a kid when I would help my mom cook her crazy Moroccan dishes.

I approached the project by assigning keywords to the feel of the restaurant; Mine were wholesome, vibrant, and exotic. After assigning keywords to the brand, I conducted visual research in the form of a Pinterest board (See the link below!) I then created sketches for the logo, and started a surface design that I could play with across all printable objects like takeout containers, and menus. (That one camel you see? It took me 5 hours to draw.)

The rest of the project's work was tweaking how all the brand elements lay on each piece of collateral.